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 Major fuckup :/ *Fixed*

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PostSubject: Major fuckup :/ *Fixed*   Sat Nov 13, 2010 4:11 am

All double legend names have now been fixed, thanks to Wubstrublm for pointing out a pattern within the legend names. Once that was pointed out it was fairly simple to code a page that automatically changed the name of the 3rd legend into it's correct name based on the other legends names.

Stats:Info on 417 (66.83%) (298 (47.76%) Complete) out of 624 SP's

Lookup page: http://www.dktop.net/wol/sp.php
Submit page: http://www.dktop.net/wol/subsp.php

*EDIT Original Post below*

I made a major fuckup on the Submit page. All submitted data since I last optimized the submit page have submitted the name of legend 3 as legend 4's. I've corrected this error, but alas that means a lot of SP's have incorrect name for legend 3 on all submitted floors.. :/

The SP's along with which floors have been effected by this bug can be found here:

At this very moment the effected "stats" are:
Total SP's: 134
Total Floors: 631
Average Floors Per SP: 4.70895522388

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Major fuckup :/ *Fixed*
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