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 buzhou drops

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PostSubject: buzhou drops   Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:38 pm

item route on buzhou mountain has a 50% chance to drop a quality box, otherwise it will drop Advanced Forging Stone x 5 or grade 1-7 Forging Rune x 3 or a special drop unique to each floor.

Buzhou Mountain Level 1 Wooden Box list:

Army Aid, Edict, Yew Bow, Sweet Rain drops, Redstone, Notes, Courage/Strategy/Magic Plaque, Marching Speed Sapphire, 8h Double Exp item, 24h production items, Labour Bill, Pageant, Meishan Chest, Soaring Token, Demon Relic

Buzhou Mountain Level 2 Copper Box list:

Drafts x 2, Tax Order x 2, 100k exp scroll x 2, Edict x 2, Advanced Strategy boost, Jade Token (24h), Army Aid, Plans x 2, Diaries x 2, 24h production items x 2, Labour Bill x 2, Pageant, 8h Double exp item x 2, +5% Charioteer Damage Ruby, Nezha Token, Fire-eyed Monkey Rider Chest, Silver Tiger Talisman

Buzhou Mountain Level 3 Iron Box list:

Alacrity x 3, Advanced Revival x 5, Gold Token (24h) x 2, Water Crystal x 2, Skill Card Box x 2, Attribute Emerald, Letters x 2, Advanced Tax Order, 7 day Production item, Chun Book, Coffer x 2, Parley x 2, +10% Charioteer damage Ruby, Shen Gong Bao token, Dragon Fish Rider Chest, Advanced Soaring Token, Renewal Seed x 3, Gold Tiger Talisman

Buzhou Mountain Level 4 Silver Box list:

Heaven Archer Token x 3, 10% to deal +50% damage Sapphire, 10 million exp scroll x 5, Diaries x 3, Advanced Renewal Seed x 2, Water Crystal x 5, Lava Shield x 3, Heavenly Strength Mark x 3, Advanced City shifting Rune x 2, Small Flag x 5, Bupleurum Grass x 5, Nuwa Token (7 days), Vital Rune, Solution x 2, Advanced Cosmic Seed, Jewel Box x 2, Cleansing Vial x 3, War Token x 3, Divine Urn, Advanced Life Fruits, Fairy Pearl, Divine Soldier Token x 3, Divine Equiment Box, Peacock Body, Phoenix Essence, Crystal Tiger Talisman x 2, Heaven Flag x 2, Rainbow Light Box, Broken Shield, God Orbs

Buzhou Mountain Level 5 Gold Box list:

Heaven Charioteer x 5, Kunlun Jade, Book x 5, Herb Pellet x 3, Sam Shing Pellet x 3, God's Restore Seed x 3, Devil Rope, Plague, Cipher x 2, Feng Shen Scroll, Time Lock x 5, Purple Jade, Apricot Flag, Blood Sword, Dragon Seal, Heaven Flag x 3, Advanced Renewal Seed x 3, War Token x 3, Heaven Archer Token x 5, Journals x 5, Advanced City shifting Rune x 5, Gold Token (month), Jade Token (month), Mythical Egg, Rainbow Light Box, Broken Shield, Imperial Talisman x 2, Shang Qing Shoes (Serene equipment)

Author:Ibaraki Kasen

becuase i sited were i'm quoting and whom i'm quoting i can not get in legal troble for this.
goodbye from smaniii
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buzhou drops
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