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 My entry for the AOG-Competition (Jagex & Funorb)

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PostSubject: My entry for the AOG-Competition (Jagex & Funorb)   Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:35 pm

Quote :
Before anyone thinks of stealing this
I put full copyright on it, It's mine, and that will be forever...

Be original, don't steal

Note: I'm Dutch... And I wrote this whole story in English. I can't express somethings that easy in Dutch, but I sure can in English... Also, don't blame me on grammer faults

There was once a place in Hallowvale Swamps. This place was ruled by the evil Zamorak follower Yaggit Baba. Everyday he was torturing his slaves and suppressing the cities he enslaved. Every day in and out this happened.

But this day was different then all other days. The sky was brighter then other days and the streets were empty. Yaggit noticed it and rushed to the tower. “MAN THE WALLS, DEFEND THE OUTSKIRTS!” Yaggit yelled at his legends. Immediately his legends took their troops to the outskirts and walls and defended them with their life…….. But nothing happened.

Night fell over Hallowvale Swamps and in the distance there was a strange light. “Hmpfh” Yaggit grommed. “My troops are settled to their places to defend it and nothing happened” he repeated. Not even a minute passed when suddenly a large fire blast hitted the outskirts. Werewolfs and Hellhounds were thrown in the air by the impact of the blast. “RETREAT TROOPS! NOW!” Yaggit screamed. The glowing light in the distance became brighter and strange figures began to show up on the horizon. “What’s this?” said Yaggit, “Who dares to attack my land? They shall be punished for this!” Yaggit repeated.

1 whole night nothing happened, just like the day before. Everyone was expecting else since the huge fire blast impact of yesterday. The strange figures in the distance came closer that night. “Hmm, they seem to travel whole night and they set up a camp 2 hours from here” said an advisor. Immediately Yaggit responded with: “We just launch an attack on them, they can’t run that fast away, since they won’t leave their camp behind.” “Prepare the troops. We shall hit hard and fast!” Commanded Yaggit.

The troops prepared their journey. A big army began to travel to the camp of the unknown strangers. Yaggit was mounted on his loyal King Black Dragon. Several Orcs and Goblins grunted and followed their ruler. After 2 hours of travelling they reached the camp. The camp was empty. “WHAT’S THIS?!” Yaggit shouted angry. While he was cursing and shouting, he looked behind him to his lands. He looked once and again. “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” He shouted. In the distance a bright light lighted up the sky with the symbol of Saradomin. The big ruler was lured away from his precious and he lost his land to his lifetime enemy.
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PostSubject: Re: My entry for the AOG-Competition (Jagex & Funorb)   Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:48 pm

Your story is entertaining to read and there aren't that many grammatical errors. I'm sure jagex is looking for story content more so than a 100% error free composition.
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My entry for the AOG-Competition (Jagex & Funorb)
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