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 My AoG story

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PostSubject: My AoG story   Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:24 pm

Chapter 1

A great demon stands before a wounded warrior as a small boy watches, "you cannot escape your fate, Aldnith." The demon is about to strike the killing blow. "AAAHHHH!" the boy sits up in his bed, "why am I having these nightmares?"

8 years later

May 25th, I cannot take it anymore, why am in this camp, I never wanted to come here.
(Later that day) "Zaristolas Rensmorotal" I turned my attention to the commanding officer, Elsnine. "Here, You can call me Tolas" "Quiet boy, I will call you what I like. Today, we begin your training at magic in the name of Zamorak" The students yell, "All hail Zamorak!" Zamorak, I thought, why should I worship him?

2 years later

August 13th, today we battle the followers of the one called Guthix. The commanders show confidence, but doubt plagues their minds.
"Mages at the ready!" The commander yelled to us. We stood at the top of a hill watching the battle, waiting, for our time to strike. These enemies are new, the animals fight at their side, the forests do not hinder them. They attack like the wind, never knowing where they come from, they retreat just as they arrive. "Attack! target those iron machines." We launched our magic assault, the machines fell like great beasts. The commander states, "perfect, the hellhounds will finish the village" "but sir, they are defenseless." "This is war, boy" "No! This is murder!" "quiet boy, learn your place!" "My place is not here." "Why, you!" The commander starts to draw his sword. A cannonball then strikes the hill, commander Elsnine and I are thrown into the air. As I recover, I see Elsnine, lying near his sword. I walk over and take the sword. "Zamorak is not my master, NEITHER ARE YOU!" I brought the sword down onto his chest. His eyes opened wide with surprise, then the life disappeared. I closed his eyes with my hand, and stood up. I looked across the battlefield and I saw a great demon leading the hellhounds. I thought for a second, then I realized, "NO!! I yelled, "no it can't be him!" I felt a great power coarse through my body. I looked at my arms, I could see the power in my veins, a flourescent white color. Then it stopped, and I collapsed. I then saw a group of void knights, watching. Their leader said, "come with me."

to be continued...
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My AoG story
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